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Mini Ox Kickers

Our little ones learn life skills through Taekwon-do in our unique development program 




Our Juniors Learn Discipline, Team Work, Confidence, Self control 

and burn off LOADS of energy... 



Our adult  programs offer dynamic fitness, friendship & community, and kick ass self defence 

15+ Years


7-12 years

Hi, my name is Ciaran McDonald 

I am the head instructor of Oxfordshire Taekwondo-do.  I have loved martial arts since a child but I got back into it in the 1990's.  

I was desperate to stop smoking and had tried everything but the healthy living, self discipline and perseverance promoted by Taekwon-do really helped me kick the habit 20 years ago.

As a language teacher I have always been passionate about education, so when I opened OXTKD in 2011, I was determined to use my skills and experience to help families in Oxfordshire.  


OXTKD has became a community where people make friends and achieve their own personal goals whilst burning some serious calories.


 We achieve great results and produce international champions but we never lose focus of our main aim to help families in Oxfordshire stay active and keep learning 

Grey Limbo
What parents say about Taekwondo-do

Taekwondo-do is unlike football or other activities in that it promotes respect, discipline and the type of values that parents themselves promote.

Anyone can start Taekwondo-do .at any age! You don't have to be fit!  We'll help you get there.

Don't let the opportunity slip unto the shelf of life Get started NOW!