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Oxfordshire Taekwon-do
The Best Choice in Family Friendly Martial Arts

At OXTKD we have been helping people in Didcot and Wantage become the best versions of themselves since 2011.  We help adults and juniors reach their full potential, become more confident, and find the blackbelt within themselves. 

Hi, I'm Ciaran McDonald

 I remember how confusing and scary being a beginner was. In fact even though I'm a 4th Degree blackbelt today, I remember my first class like it was yesterday! 

But starting a martial art shouldn't be tough.  That's why we at OXTKD pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most supportive we can be.  


Yes we can defend ourselves. Yes, achieve great things. But being a martial artists isn't all about punching and kicking.  It is about being a better person both inside and out.  


The values and healthy life of Taekwondo-do is something all people should enjoy irrespective of age or fitness level.  This belief inspired me to open OXTKD in 2011 in order to help the Oxfordshire community share the confidence and happiness this life brings. 


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At OXTKD Achievement Is A Way Of Life

We believe that everyone has the ability to become a champion. Whether this is measured by achieving success as an international competitor or simply overcoming ones own fear.  The result is the, same; self improvement. Our ethos is:


'become the best version of yourself you can be!"

That is we we balance our syllabus with an even mix of self defence, fitness and conditioning, competition sparring and team building events.  


We try to avoid a one size fits all approach to learning and we try to support everyones needs and likes. We recognise the need to serve all.



At OXTKD we offer quality Taekwon-do.  Our style of Taekwon-do is sometimes refered to as ITF style and it is the original kind of Taekwon-do as conceived of by General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-do.  Although Taekwon-do is famous for its acrabatic kicks, there is plenty in the art for all body types


Though most people do not realise this at first, Taekwon-do  actually comprises largley of hand techniques as these are the primary weapon for self-defence. 


Taekwon-do is a Korean Martial art and which has a historical and philosophical aspect to it.  Thus it transcends punching and kicking and becomes an art.

P.U.M.A. Martial Arts

Oxfordshire Taekwon-Do are also part of a larger national organization called the ‘Professional Unification of Martial arts’ (P.U.M.A.).  PUMA consists of over 100 Taekwon-do schools throughout the country.  Thus we are able to offer:

  • Regular national and local competitions

  • Winter and summer training camps

  • Seminars with 7th and 8th Degree masters

  • Squad training for dedicated competition sparring

  • Annual free PUMA day martial arts event

  • Training for free at any of 100 PUMA UK schools

P.U.M.A. is a super friendly organisation with high standards on Child Welfare and general standards. It's great to be part of such a progressive group. 

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Building Confidence and Healthy Lives in Oxfordshire
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